Yoga Retreats: Oh the places we can go! What do you really like? What do you really need? The purely exotic-location-vacation excites the senses. The deeply introspective exploration of sacred places nurtures the soul. For the mind, travel to temples and archeological sites to contemplate the mythological and philosophical roots of ancient cosmology. Conceive of a destination and let's plan and market the journey together.

Yoga Events: Wonderful synergy is created when people gather to indulge their love of yoga. From small, studio events, to large city-wide and regional events, there is no better way to build kula and teacher/studio name recognition. We step in where you need us, helping to fill the gaps between attendance or profitability targets and marketing and outreach activities, producing the people, sponsors and vendors that make it all work. Click this link to view a Yogamedia-managed regional event that drew 3,000 visitors.