It's fun to learn and do deep backbending asanas, arm balances, inversions and their transitions to vinyasa. Students who are able to move deeper into intermediate and advanced syllabi stay excited about their practice. Unfortunatley, in the average all-levels flow class, opportunities to really explore these poses are fleeting and without expert guidance and alignment keys, we tend to try to force our way into the position we want. This results in injury over time.

Attract visitors and build value for existing students. The possibilities are endless! (Click here for a list.) 90-minute, weekly skill-building classes teach actions and alignment and build the foundations of strength and flexibility for a pose group. They provide students frequent opportunities to advance. Playshops are two- or three-hour additions to the regular schedule and can be followed by a skill-building series. A strong focus on alignment, careful selection of prep poses, a variety of entry strategies, and fun and memorable cues help students safely explore an asana and/or variations and transitions. Let's schedule a play date today.