YTT: Provide your trainees with the essential aspects of yoga history and philosophy in a way that promotes usefulness and retention - through the stories in the sacred texts and Epics. Mythology provides remarkably empowering and visionary allegories of our own journey through life and has been used through the ages to teach philosophy. Extensive courses honor the tradition of the practice and meet YA 30- and 60-hour requirements.

The Evolution of Consciousness, A Comparative: This engaging three-hour visual experience explores the cosmological views of two societies that lived on opposite sides of the earth. The early Hindus and the Maya appear together in the creation myth of the churning of the Milky Ocean. Find out what else they shared.

Characters of Myth and Their Asanas: Explore the stories of the sages and deities whose names have been given to asanas then engage powerful and imaginative practices that build to and feature their poses. Select a three-part series or a single class.